The Satanic Temple has placed a statue of Satan in the Iowa Capitol but this pastor-turned-representative says it's a-okay!
· Dec 9, 2023 ·

Republicans today are losers.

Please allow the typical regime "conservative" of the 21st century to explain to you, in great detail, why religious liberty must allow Satanists to place idols to their deity in the halls of Iowa's state capitol.

Enter Iowa Rep. and "Pastor" Jon Dunwell:

As many of you have become aware, last week a display was erected at the Iowa Capitol by the Satanic Temple of Iowa. As I have responded to concerns from Iowans about the display, I wanted to share with you how the display came to be and my response. How did it happen?

• The Capitol structure falls underneath the control of the Iowa Legislature. The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is charged with the management.

• Currently, access for displays at the Capitol are open to anyone through an application process. Though there are some guidelines, they do not discriminate on the basis of religion or ideology.

• Displays are permitted to be displayed for two weeks.

• All displays are required to communicate they are an independent display and not to be associated with the State of Iowa.

• The Satanic Temple petitioned for their display in August and were approved with some modification. They wanted to use an actual goat head (I'm assuming a skull) and we're prohibited from doing so.

• The Iowa Legislature can set the rules and standards for any display. The current operating principle has been to either allow all displays or none. The Legislature has the power to change it if they deem necessary.

My Observations and Response as an Iowan, State Representative, and Pastor.

• My observation as a follower of Christ, I certainly find a display from the Satanic Temple objectionable. It stands in direct opposition to my faith and would be classified as evil. Not a new experience for me or my family. The Word of God continually warns about the dangers in our world. In fairness, many other religions or nonreligious people have the same perspective about Christianity.

• My observation as an Iowan and a State Representative, I don't want the state evaluating and making determinations about religions. I am guided by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

• My response as a follower of Christ…

o The display is an inanimate object that has no real power in and of itself. We have nothing to fear.

o Oppose the message of the display. It is not just another way to worship the same god. There are DIFFERENCES that need to be pointed out. The display glorifies the evil influence we oppose.

o The primary response required is prayer.

o The display itself is an invitation of the work we have yet to do. Iowa needs Jesus.

o The display provides a teaching example for our families of the difference between the person and work of Christ and that of Satan. (Love, light and sacrifice compared to a dark, foreboding creature).

o My faith is never imposed upon others, nor should it ever become a direct part of government. It is always a response to the person and work of Jesus Christ. I don't want to mix the kingdoms! Government is a poor arbitrator of religion.

o Take full advantage of the opportunities to express our faith in appropriate displays and programs at the Capitol.

• My response as a State Representative

o Review the guidelines to ensure they represent our constitutional rights.

o Monitor the the number of organizations requesting displays. I don't want the Capitol to be overwhelmed by displays.

In the future, we may need to find ways to appropriately limit the number of displays. o Continue to dialogue with other elected officials and Iowans on this issue.

And now for a succinct response:

That's a lot of words to say you're a coward who caves to devil worshippers!

To boil this down, Christian pastor and Representative Dunwell is arguing that if we don't let Satanists place statues of Satan in the halls of Congress then we can't let Christians honor God in the public square.

However, the idea that EVERY religion, even the particularly evil ones, should have an equal voice in the public square is NOT in the spirit of the founding, AT ALL.

With Republicans like these, who needs Satanists?

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