People are finding more and more insane stuff in the 2,702 page “infrastructure” bill. You won’t believe what Congress is spending your money on.
· Aug 3, 2021 ·

The Senate is deliberating this week on a giant $1 trillion bill that is addressing America's "infrastructure" – you know, like roads, bridges, climate change, and "whiteness."

The draft of the bill is an insane 2,702 pages long.

When the draft leaked over the weekend, Breitbart reported that the bill included provisions for busing "equity" and forced climate programs.

Since the bill was so massive, however, no one had yet had time to see exactly how much garbagio was shoved into this wonderful bill. A few days later, we now have a better picture.

Would you like to go on a journey with me?

[Warning: Some colorful language]

We start with, $250 million – the equivalent of winning a jackpot lotto – to remove an invasive plant species.

How about studies on how to tax Americans for driving and studies on people hitting deer?

The government is trying to tax you out of your ability to freely travel without government-funded options and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is so ready for it!

Next up, we have $50 million for the Orwellian-named "Centers of Excellence" and upgrades to Amtrak over in Canada!

Next, there's combatting human trafficking (which is the first thing outside actual infrastructure that's worth funding in this behemoth), and ensuring equality of outcome [read: Marxism] in the trucking industry!

After a quick detour of studying the safety of limos, we come to a fun section that wants to mandate "driving prevention technology" in vehicles to measure drunk or impaired driving.

I look forward to having to blow into a state-mandated breathalyzer every time I want to start my engine to take my kids to school!

Then we have weed and boating...

...Followed by $2.5 BILLION in green-energy handouts and the DIGITAL EQUITY ACT OF 2021:

Next, we've got $5 billion for electric vehicles and $250 million for electric ferries:

Oh, and we're going to sell a bunch of our oil reserves and make sure the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration gets some more moola:

Oh, and another $16 billion for renewable energy programs. I look forward to more rolling blackouts and the energy reliability of the 1910s as we transition away from clean natural gas and nuclear power!

Since numbers have no meaning anymore, here's some more billions spent on more stuff:

Some more payouts and concessions for senators:

Joe Manchin also secured a billion dollars for his wife, who is co-chair of Appalachian Regional Commission:

Then a ton of money to make federal bureaucracies bigger and more beautiful:

Then there's $250 million to reduce truck emissions at ports, because I can't think of a better way to spend money we don't have, and the "Healthy Streets Program."

If you're wondering, the "Healthy Streets Program" is federal money that cities can use to "provide funding to deploy cool and porous pavements and expand tree cover to mitigate urban heat islands, improve air quality, and reduce flood risks."

Let's end with a slush fund for Pete's pet projects and some bridges for animals!

This was all a CURSORY read-through of the bill. There's even more hiding in the gigantic tome that hasn't yet been discovered.

Sen. Josh Hawley, for one, is super excited!

* * *

P.S. While you're here, watch our latest video and learn how to speak Bidenese:

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