People are so desperate to be conspiracy theorists that they thought Elon Musk was flashing neo-Nazi signs on SNL
· · May 10, 2021 ·

The problem of BlueAnon continued to grow last weekend as wokies lost their ever-loving minds over tech wizard Elon Musk's Saturday Night Live appearance.

Because you probably haven't watched SNL in years, here is the specific clip that sent a bunch of blue checkmarks screaming:

If you're a normal human being who doesn't hang out with racial supremacists, you probably thought that was just a meh sketch from a show that's pushing the boundaries of cringe.

If you're a racist like the woke, however, this was all you saw:

Check out a few of the responses:

The woke don't believe that neo-Nazis are a few thousand isolated neckbeards that live out in the boonies across our nation of 350 million people.

Instead, they believe the highest echelons of power – including the world's second-richest man who loves memes and rockets – are infested by white supremacists that brazenly flaunt their Hitleresque ways with hand symbols on national TV.

At the same time, they can literally wish that their enemies die a fiery death and those same echelons of power – from Big Tech to the media to the White House – won't censor or punish them.

They're so far gone in their tinfoil-hat thinking that they even found a way to connect Elon's announcement that he has Aspergers to Nazism:

OK dude. 👌


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