People now want cows to wear masks.

Jun 10th

Cows across Europe may need to start masking up. No, not because of COVID. But because of the next hot topic -- climate change.

The University of California found that a single cow can produce 220 pounds of methane annually, and 95% of that comes from the cow's burps.

So, instead of the entire world going vegan as AOC would have wanted, Zelp Ltd., a U.K. start up, has developed a mask that they claim can reduce methane emissions by about 53 percent.

The company has created a burp-catcher for cows. I know what you're thinking, aren't all masks just burp-catchers when they're not being worn as chin diapers?

But this is a smart-mask. Made for cow shaming.

Not only does it catch nasty burps but it also turns that methane into carbon dioxide. It also can detect when the cow is in heat, as well as act as a GPS. Plus, it's solar-powered.

The way they work is, a solar-powered fan inside the mask pulls the burps into a methane-absorbing filter and converting them into carbon dioxide.

These masks will annually cost dairy farmers around $80 a cow and they say it can last up to four years without needing to be recharged.

Imagine wearing a mask for four years straight? And then for the rest of your life? Are the animal rights activists OK with this?

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