"People see our country as a joke": CBS reporter detained, barred from entering World Cup game for wearing LGBT shirt
· · Nov 22, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Here's your reminder that the rest of the world laughs at American wokeness in the same way the ancient barbarians laughed at the decadence and downfall of Rome.

Oh no! An Islamic country won't let you celebrate all the gay colors of the rainbow?? And you're complaining about it?

What happened to respecting all cultures?

See, I don't agree with the idea that all cultural values should be equally respected.

  • The Aztecs would slaughter thousands of human sacrifices to the gods in a single day.
  • Islam prescribes a woman half the worth of a man.
  • The Vikings thought raping and pillaging were the warrior's path to heaven.
  • Hinduism has a caste system that literally designates hundreds of millions of people "Untouchables."

But see, I'm not a secular humanist who thinks all ideas and ideologies should be given equal tolerance. I'm a Christian who believes in the exclusivity of biblical teaching about human value, sin, and the hope found only in Jesus Christ. You may disagree with my beliefs, but I am consistent in them.

From Grant Wahl's substack:

Nearly half an hour passed. One security guard told me that my shirt was "political" and not allowed. Another continually refused to give me back my phone. Another guard yelled at me as he stood above me — I was sitting on a chair by now — that I had to remove my shirt.

I told him no.

"You can make this easy. Take off your shirt," one said.

I told him no, adding that my shirt wasn't political at all.

My friend Andrew Das, a reporter for the New York Times, walked past, and I informed him what was going on. They detained him too.

Eventually, the guards made me stand up, turn around and face the CCTV camera above us.

"Are you from the UK?" one guard asked.

"New York," I said. This was getting annoying. I arrived when I did so I'd have enough time to watch the Netherlands-Senegal game, and now I was missing it.

Finally, they let Andy go. And then a security commander approached me. He said they were letting me through and apologized. We shook hands.

One of the security guards told me they were just trying to protect me from fans inside who could harm me for wearing the shirt.

The wokies think they are the pinnacle of humanity. They think they speak for the marginalized and the oppressed. They think people look at them with respect and dignity.

The opposite is true. The world LAUGHS at us.

When I lived in Jordan a decade ago, the world was already laughing at us. The idea of American Greatness was already slipping away. They saw our decadence, our wars, our hyper-focus on sexuality, and the stupidity of our ideas and they laughed.

The wokies are a fringe minority of humanity. Sure, the people who call men women control the White House, but they don't control most hearts and minds. They are a circus, and everyone except woke Westerners see them as a circus.

Here's what that looked like for those that haven't seen Walsh's "What is a Woman?" documentary. Notice the laughter at the end.

Every time you see that rainbow flag on the US soccer team's jerseys, or above an American embassy, or plastered on some corporation's logo, understand that the world is laughing at us.

We are the new Rome, and the barbarians find the collapse of our civilization hilarious.


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