Perfect! This focus group absolutely dismantled MSNBC and the radical Left's J6 narrative
· Oct 24, 2022 ·

Honestly, I'm not even sure how MSDNC let this get to air.

These random folks from Pittsburgh that were selected for an MSNBC focus group showed that they know more about January 6th than the media and that everyone can see through the media's lies.

These are some based folks.



This is a work of art.

The reporter lady cannot believe that everyday people don't give a crap about January 6th because they saw the footage and they know the truth about the riot.

Doug Mastriano, who is running for governor in Pennsylvania is being smeared by the media as a dangerous insurrectionist, but these folks know the truth.

Reporter: Mastriano was at the insurrection and he was photgraphed breaching one of the restricted areas, is that okay?

Young guy: Which area? Because I saw video where Capitol officers were taking away barriers and unlocking doors for people.

Someone else: They opened the gates and let them in.

Reporter: So it shouldn't be disqualifying for an elected official if he participated in January 6th?

Focus group: No!

Everyone speaking up in this focus group is on the same page. The Capitol Police let people in. Most everyone stayed inside the velvet ropes. People took selfies.

It wasn't an attempted coup. Horn-hat dude wasn't about to take over the government.

Young guy: He didn't strike anybody. He didn't hurt anybody.

Glasses lady: And the only one who died was a protester there not a capitol policeman.

Beard guy: An unarmed female veteran was shot by the police. That's the only one who died.

Reporter: A police officer did die.

Glasses lady: No.

Beard guy: He died of a heart attack.

These random people pulled off the street know more about the January 6th riot than this supposed journalist. She still thinks officer Sicknick was killed by protesters when even NPR reported in April last year that he died of natural causes.

These supposed journalists are so brainwashed and so inside their own bubbles that they don't know the basic facts that they're reporting on.

Reporter: What do you make overall of January 6th? ... it was pretty disturbing... you know it's the Capitol.

Woman: That looked a lot like Antifa's actions to me.

Beard guy: Except on a smaller scale it looked the same as the Black Lives Matter riots.

Woman: That's what I saw the similarities to be.

Young guy: Minneapolis burned, Kenosha burned, Waukesha burned.

It's like MSNBC has never heard these very basic talking points before. She has no idea how to handle the truth.

Reporter: So it's okay just because one side you disagree with you think it's okay-?

Young guy: Anybody who caused property destruction, that needs to be dealt with. If you're there making your voice heard, at the people's house no less, that's, again, it's a fundamental right of an American citizen and people shouldn't be being held as political prisoner because of it.

Woman: For misdemeanors! That's East Germany tactics!

Young guy: That's East Germany. That's what's scary.

Red hair woman: It was an actually fiery but mostly peaceful protest.

This lady waits until she has the chance to jump in and absolutely CRUSHES the media, using their own BS line against them.

This is the most thorough takedown of January 6th you will see. The media may try to paint these as wacky ultra-MAGA types, but these people know their facts, they saw what happened, they heard what Trump said – in person – and they know that J6 is nothing more than a cudgel for the Dems.

I love to see it.

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