Watch: Nancy Pelosi slips and says Republicans are going to win the midterms because they have “unlimited facts.”
· · Oct 24, 2022 ·

In a recent poll, Americans sounded off that they trusted Republicans to fix the economy more than Democrats. They also indicated that the economy and inflation are the biggest issues facing America today, by a landslide, seeming to support the idea that there is a Red Wave coming in a couple of weeks.

However, Nancy Pelosi scoffed at the voters' opinions on MSNBC. She said that she does not "subscribe" to the idea that voters don't trust the Democrats on the economy.

The problem according to Pelosi is that Republicans have "unlimited money and unlimited facts."

And the Republicans spreading of facts is "misleading" you know. It might result in Democrats not getting reelected, so it needs to be classified as misinformation.

At another point, she also said that Republicans "don't have a solution to inflation."

History doesn't really back that up. Republican Reaganomics did a pretty good job at ending Carter's reign of inflationary terror.

That happened with Reagan's platform of balancing the federal budget and slowing the growth of government spending, reducing the federal income tax and capital gains tax, reducing government regulation, and tightening the money supply.

If the Republicans could do that without also increasing military spending, which tends to be their Achilles' heel, they could knock back inflation significantly.

Unfortunately, with a spend-happy administration, a red wave this November will do little more than stall out this Democrat-led government from doing any more damage, and honestly, at this point, I'd settle for that.


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