Pictorial: Here are photos of what D.C. looks like today on pre-Inauguration lockdown.
· Jan 16, 2021 · NottheBee.com

A friend of mine was running into DC for some errands and I had her take some pictures.

They've already closed down major ramps off of 395 that take you into the District from Virginia.

She had wanted to go to the right, but that was clearly not an option.

The rest that follow are all on the periphery of Capitol Hill, blocks away.

It's like they're using whatever inventory of military equipment is available.

Essentially pre-stationed around the area.

Some were used to block streets.

You can see here how many streets are blocked around Capitol Hill.

Zoomed out this far, you lose the granularity of just how tightly locked down it is around the Capitol (I'll get to that in a moment).

Here is a shot looking down New Jersey Avenue towards Capitol Hill.

Here is a shot via Google maps during less turbulent times.

Scale and perspective are a little different, but this is from the same spot.

Capitol lower right, picture taken upper left.

Overlay of the above that captures the closure of the smaller roads via Google Maps.

It's only Saturday.

They literally closed The National Mall, the strip of greenery from the Lincoln Memorial to Capitol Hill with the Washington Monument in-between and the site of billions of tourist snapshots. Closed.

These are the road closures anticipated for the day of the inauguration.

I'm hoping to make it in myself once or twice as inauguration day approaches depending on the circumstances. Given how things have been progressing it would not surprise me at all if they lock the whole area up, period, and institute a curfew, so we will see.

Regardless, it is highly unlikely we'll see a repeat of January 6. That said, the worry among officials is violence on the periphery of the lockdown area.

Meaning Biden and company are probably safe. I'm just not sure about the rest of us.


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