Pittsburgh Football Team will Require Players to Wear Face Masks While on the Field. Yes, Those Kind of Face Masks.

Nov 20th

Just when you thought the Covid restrictions couldn't get more ridiculous, we get this announcement from the University of Pittsburgh.

That's right, the Pitt and Virginia Tech game on Saturday will be played while players are outfitted with face masks for the entirety of the game. Both off and ON the field. Not your typical football face mask. The cloth masks.

This. Is. Insanity.

This is a statewide mask mandate in Pennsylvania, and the rules allows for exceptions for sports teams. Adam Schefter points this out, saying that the two NFL teams in Pennsylvania, the Steelers and Eagles, won't be abiding by these rules.

It's up to the school or team whether they want to abide by this rule. And Pittsburgh decided it was in the best interest of their players to make them wear a face covering over their mouth and nose while playing a physical, contact sport. Because science, I guess.


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