Pizza Hut has spent the last month successfully testing a pizza drone delivery system ๐Ÿ•
ยท Jan 29, 2021 ยท

If we're going to make drones that eventually destroy us when the machines revolt, we might as well make a few that bring us delicious pizza as well.

Get ready for literal pies in the sky, because Pizza Hut reports that it has spent the last month testing such a drone-delivery system north of Tel Aviv, Israel. The restaurant chain has been successfully flying three drones from one location that make six test deliveries every day.

The company plans to launch a full-time fleet of 12 drones in the city this June. I hope the Israeli people are ready for the immense responsibility that comes with the power to have instant pizza flown to one's home!

When asked how much the drones can carry, the head of Pizza Hut Israel said "about two pizzas and a Coke."

(Or about 5.5 lbs for you nerdy folk.)

Customers can use an app to track their pizza's in-flight route to see when their tornado of meat and cheese will arrive.

The company that runs the drone system, Dragontail Systems, said pizza is a challenging food to deliver because of its bulk.

Translation: if we can master airborne pizza, the food delivery options ahead of us are endless.

"When it comes to things like salads, we can carry four to five meals at a time, which makes it even more effective," said Dragontail founder Ido Levanon โ€“ probably as a joke since you'd be insane to have lettuce delivered to you when you could have hot cheesy goodness.

Similar testing in the U.S. could launch here soon, with the FAA (finally) giving its first approval for a fully automated drone service in Massachusetts.

A bright future awaits.

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