"Planet of the Apes" actors say they are "Team Ape" because humans are bad for the environment and start wars: "I dislike humans a lot"
· May 14, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Hollywoke isn't sending their best and brightest, are they?

Two of the actors in the newest installment of the Planet of the Apes series, Freya Allan and Owen Teague, told the press that they understood why monkeys would take over and that the world might be better off without people.

[Sorry, IDK why she's nearly naked in the thumbnail]

Owen: I'm fully Team Ape.

Freya: Listen, obviously, when I'm playing Mae (in the movie) I'm team human. But, uh, I'm Team Ape. Freya's Team Ape ... I mean look at the planet!

Ahh yes, look at planet Earth now. It would be so much better if ... the monkeys were in charge.

Owen: Look at what the humans have done to the earth.

Ahh yes, look at what humans have done.

How awful. The apes would do much better.

Freya Allen sums up her entire worldview nicely in one sentence.

I dislike humans a lot.

Anti-humanism is at the heart of leftism. That's why they're the cult of death. The cult of dehumanization. The cult of nature worship. The cult of climate apocalypse.

Many dream of a planet of the apes. A world without humans.

Maybe these Hollywoke actors need to look in the mirror now and then, and look out at the world, and realize how blessed we are.

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