Those "women's rage rituals" are being run by a weird pagan "erotic liberation" mistress because of course they are
· May 14, 2024 ·

We all got a laugh last week about the "rage ritual," a new form of catharsis in which women go into the woods and beat stuff with sticks:

Well, buckle up, because it turns out that those "rituals" aren't just amusing little venues for ladies to vent their anger — they're fronts for a bizarre woman's neo-pagan ideology. It turns out the foundress of this enterprise has, um, quite a history:

The lady promotes something called "Erotic Liberation Rewilding," which is presumably just as depraved as it sounds:

Evidently the project stemmed from family dysfunction and marital breakdown, which is just too often the case:

(Protect your marriages, folks. Don't let them fall apart.)

As is usually the progression, from marital collapse comes discordant sexuality and evidently occult-style numbers worship:

She also runs a course titled "Holy Vixen," cause that's, um, an actual thing and not an oxymoron:

So what is the goal here — what is the end game to all of this pagan ritualism and lady-screaming?

It's pretty obvious upon seeing it:

... collective Feminine awakening and rising.

These are the goals of the militant feminism and sexual liberation movements — and as Spencer notes, the end result is always the same:

Now Luci is attempting to legitimize sin as 'sexual and spiritual awakening,' and lead other women — mostly wives and mothers — down a 5-step path of:

1. Sexual Dissatisfaction

2. Disillusionment with Marriage

3. Adultery

4. Divorce

5. Abandonment

Framed as 'women's liberation.'

Ladies: There are many people who want to prey on you in the name of "liberation." And it connects to some ancient, damnable stuff.

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