Please enjoy this clip of Ramaswamy absolutely destroying a CNN host who tried to bait him into a question about Donald Trump's rhetoric
· Nov 16, 2023 ·

Man, these mainstream media bozos are drooling for Trump's second term and it's absolutely gorgeous to watch.

For context on this Ramaswamy clip, watch this video of Trump talking commies, fascists, and radical lefties, referring to them "vermin," which is apparently a super-scary Hitler term, given the reaction by the MSNBC panel which immediately follows.

You guys, they want Trump Part 2 so bad I'd actually be willing to bet a few of them actually vote for the guy.

Moving on to this Ramaswamy clip, watch how much of a pro Ramaswamy is when this lady from CNN tries to bait him into speaking on Trump's word "vermin," which is, again, apparently a Nazi dog whistle.

This is how it's done, people:




Bro just murdered CNN on live television.

You know, some of us are here for the drama, sure, but I kinda want to know what these presidential candidates are all about. It's clear, however, that the mainstream media sees the writing on the wall.

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