This Porsche executive was convicted for (take the time to read this slowly) throwing her newborn daughter out of her window to save her career
ยท Jul 8, 2024 ยท

Katarina Jovanovic, a Porsche executive in Germany, chose her career over family by throwing her newborn daughter out a 12-foot window to her death, and is now headed to jail for seven and a half years.

I'm not exaggerating the depravity of the motive here either.

The prosecuting attorney in court said, and I quote,

The accused was not prepared to put her life plans, especially her professional advancement, on hold for a child.

Her lawyer did not dispute that was the case.

Here's the defense:

It is a drama that affects me personally. My client did not even know she was pregnant. When she suddenly held the baby in her hands, she was in an exceptional psychological situation. It was an accident, she dropped the baby. How the child ended up over the windowsill remains to be determined.

In other words, Jovanivic's plea was "OOPS!"

Bystanders found the newborn on the ground, her skull crushed.

From The Daily Mail:

Horrified passersby found the minutes-old infant's body with a shattered skull underneath Jovanovic's balcony and called the police.

Neighbors also contradicted her claim that she didn't know she was pregnant:

Nobody noticed the woman was pregnant. Recently she had changed and was no longer talking to us. We thought she was stressed at work.

Despite the preposterous idea that it was a mystery how the child ended up perched on a windowsill, the judge accepted the defense attorney's argument and lowered the charge from murder to manslaughter.

As Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon points out, why not?

The depravity of many of the replies on his post definitely prove the point.

It's a wonder that in this abortion-friendly world, she was charged at all, though readers have pointed out that Germany has some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe.

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