VIDEO: Portugal town flooded in wine after distillery's tanks burst, spilling 600,000 gallons of the good stuff
· Sep 13, 2023 ·

Thirsty? Well, if you lived in this Portugal town you wouldn't be.

That's because 600,000 gallons of wine came pouring out of Levira Distillery on Sunday after a tank burst, leaving the streets flooded in sweet sweet wine.

Can you imagine? Like, I'd have been out there with a ladle and a solo cup just enjoying the sunshine if that happened in my town. Nothing beats free wine.

Let's take a look at what this flood looked like before we jump into the details.

Look. At. That.

That's a lot of wine. 600,000 gallons of wine. And I'm salivating.

A coastal village in Portugal faced a flooding Sunday like no other as 600,000 gallons of red wine flowed through the streets of the small town of São Lorenco de Bairro, according to local outlets.

Two tanks owned by Levira Distillery were responsible for the deluge and video posted online showed the vino rushing down a steep hill through the town with a population of 2,000.

Two tanks of wine!

Man, I'd have been stumbling everywhere.

A little concern here, though: There is a river nearby — The Certima — and the citizens weren't as quick as I'd have been in cleaning up the wine, so the fire department had to divert the flow of vino into local fields to avoid the river. Sounds to me from the reporting as if they did an okay enough job — they "made efforts" is all USA Today will tell me.

The fields where the wine was diverted will have their soil taken to a special treatment plant.

As for Levira Distillery:

Levira Distillery apologized for the incident and said the company will take care of damages.

"We assume full responsibility for the costs associated with cleaning and repairing the damage, having teams do so immediately," it said in a statement. "We are committed to resolving this situation as quickly as possible."

Yeah, I'm sure they're already paying for it with all that lost wine.

Well, next time I buy a house, you can bet it'll be downhill from one of these wine joints. You can never say no to free wine.

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