Woke Canadian Powwow Organizers Forced To Apologize Because They Weren't Woke Enough
· Jul 14, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Here is yet another one of my favorite types of story – the Left eating up the Left.

Doesn't everyone know by now that no one can ever be inclusive and woke enough? No one ever wins this game.

That also goes for organizers of a popular powwow in Kamloops, British Columbia.

On Tuesday, the group posted the schedule and rules for the 41st Annual Kamloopa Powwow, but they were quickly attacked online for their identity-based "restrictions," lack of "pronouns," and lack of "inclusivity."

The post read that contestants must be at least (1/4) Native Blood," and proof of "tribal identification/status may be required."

In a video that was seen almost 200,000 times on the first day, a "two-spirit" woke Native dude by the name of Nakota Sioux TikToker Kairyn Potts said the Kamloopa Powwow is "enacting literal colonization tactics" in a screed posted to TikTok.

[Language Warning]

(If you don't know what "two-spirit" is, it's a woke term meaning "both male and female" that they ascribe to certain Native American cultures to try to prove that biology isn't a thing)

What really pissed him and the woke mod off was this:

  • Each contestant must be in full regalia during the competitions, grand entries, exhibitions/spot checks, and to be of the correct gender for that category

Annnnd there it is.

First, Kairyn (which happens to sound a lot like the name "Karen," hehe) explains how unfair it is to make contestants wear full regalia because not everyone has access to everything they'd need, AND he says it's so hot in Kamloops, and fears dancers will get heat stroke.

But the real kicker?

"The correct gender for that category"

How dare they!!

That little rule, which sounds completely reasonable, sparked enormous backlash. Kairyn says he wanted to make fun of it but didn't have it in him because it is "so heartbreaking" and a step backward for the 2SLGBTQIALMNOP+ and is actually undoing all the hard work he and others have done.

"Shame on you, Kamloopa Powwow, and to the entire powwow committee who allowed this to happen. I feel embarrassed for you and very angry."

Another TikToker, Shannon Baker, tweeted out her outrage stating, "Blood quantum and being anti LGBTQ2S+ is colonial thinking."

Obviously, with all this backlash, the Kamloopa Powwow organizers had to make an apology.

The Facebook post read:

The Kamloopa Powwow Society (KPS) would like to make a formal and heartfelt apology to all of those who have been hurt and affected by the rules that were posted on our Facebook page. This wording does not reflect how KPS has run the last 19 powwows. We are inclusive in honoring our 2SLGBTQIA+ and will continue to recognize our relatives.

See that? They're even woke! Just not woke enough (you never can be).

We want to ensure that our event celebrates a diverse Indigenous culture and community respectfully.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while KPS updates the dance rules to reflect equality.

Kamloopa Powwow Society

Here's the video:

The organizer explains the history and reasoning behind the rules, but folks are only outraged about it now because, I guess, they have nothing better to do – but apologizes for the stress it has caused.

There is just no pleasing these people.

Don't try to pander to the woke mob, you will always lose.

You want proof? Look at the list of demands on the video comments:


Powwow how you wanna powwow.

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