Pull up a chair and let John MacArthur perfectly summarize the cancer of Critical Race Theory for you
· Sep 16, 2020 · NottheBee.com

School is in session! Please be seated, class.

You may have noticed that John MacArthur, amid his legal battles with the local, regional, and state authorities of Commiefornia over his church's right to hold worship services, has begun publishing op-eds at the Daily Wire.

J-Mac has always been so gifted at explaining complex ideas plainly and succinctly. Such is the case with one of his latest pieces, titled, "Critical Race Theory, A Sickness That Cannot Be Allowed To Continue" (aw shnap 👀).

The whole thing is a must-read, but it's really his bullet-point summation of Critical Race Theory that I want to share with you here. People talk and hear about CRT and many don't understand exactly what it is. Lefties talk about CRT as though it's a good thing to aspire to and not the hellish postmodern nightmare that it is.

So here, from Don John MacArthur, is a brief summary of the essence of Critical Race Theory.

We all acknowledge that racism exists and that it is a manifestation of the sin of partiality which the Bible directly condemns (James 2:9). The racism of CRT is very different. In case you are not familiar with CRT, it is the vicious, pernicious, and virulent brand of identity politics that results when neo-Marxist social philosophy is blended with postmodern theory. The CRT credo includes the following poisonous doctrines:

  • "Racism" is unconquerable and ubiquitous; it is the singular evil that underlies virtually everything wrong with our culture. It is "the stain that will never be removed."
  • "Systemic racism" and "unconscious bias" are built into the current structure of western society. This cannot be remedied apart from the wholesale dismantling and restructuring of political mechanisms, economic policies, moral standards, and other social norms.
  • White people are members of the world's most privileged ethnic group. "White privilege" is not only one of the main proofs of systemic racism; it is also a subtle but sinister injustice to other people groups.
  • The term racism describes a uniquely white pathology. Members of less privileged ethnic groups are victims, not perpetrators, of social injustice — and it is therefore legitimate for them to retaliate with retributive violence or expressions of ethnic contempt. This is not "racism," but an appropriate response to the oppression they suffer.
  • "White supremacy so permeates our institutions, policies, practices, and ways of knowing that it is nearly impossible to think outside it." It is full-on "racial terrorism."
  • All white people are racists, whether they want to be or not.
  • "Whiteness" is therefore an evil that must be confessed and repudiated, but without any guarantee of forgiveness.
  • Members of privileged ethnic groups who deny being racists are guilty of perpetuating racism.

That is by no means an exhaustive list of CRT dogmas, but those are enough to explain why after nearly a decade of relentless indoctrination in this system, the result has been an explosion of ethnic animosity and civic unrest. This is a worldview that deliberately foments and feeds on resentment, strife, hatred, and division.

I hope this free class from J-Mac has helped you further understand why Critical Race Theory is a divisive, racist, satanic cancer that must be nuked from orbit.

Have a nice day.

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