Ranchers say their jobs have become "1,000 times harder" in the 2 years Biden has been in office
· Mar 11, 2023 · NottheBee.com

This report from Fox News explaining the impact that the Biden administration's policies have had on ranchers and farmers is absolutely heartbreaking.

The backbone of America is suffering.

Ranchers from across the country say their jobs under the Biden administration have gotten much more difficult, mired with uncertainty and needless regulation.

"It's extremely difficult right now with the current administration," J.J. Goicoechea, a Nevada rancher told Fox News Digital...

That uncertainty, he added, is driving many farmers and ranchers out of the industry.

The economy is a disaster, as anyone could see. But for ranchers who have to operate on razor-thin margins, it's unlike anything they've seen in decades.

It's harder than ever to be a man working the land.

And besides that, the undue burden of the Biden administration's draconian rules and regulations is making it impossible.

"[It's] 1,000 times harder," said Alisa Ogden, a New Mexico rancher. "It really is difficult. It's hard to keep people working for you, just because of some of the free things they have gotten from the Biden administration."

"The uncertainty of everything has really caused a lot of issues," Ogden added.

Loren Patterson, also from New Mexico, said it's "definitely been harder."

"We seem to have more regulatory pressures put on us, specifically through the Endangered Species Act, and then all the supply chain issues, getting supplies to our family ranches is getting more and more difficult," he added, noting that issues like fuel prices are "stacking and stacking the deck against us."

It's almost like Biden and his administration want to see our farmers fail.

Kind of like how in Europe and Canada they are also working overtime to make farms disappear.

And, for these southern ranchers, the illegal immigration issue makes things that much more difficult:

Both Ogden and Patterson also highlighted that Biden's border policies have made ranching in the southern states more difficult.

"Our family ranches are no longer a place for family," Patterson said. "We can't take our children or wives out there and show them the ways of producing and animal husbandry and stewardship because it's so dangerous..."

"You need to have that want, and desire, to come into the United States, … and to be able to be a productive person. And that's all that we're asking for. As long as there is no control over the border, this isn't going to happen," Ogden said.

Biden's administration and its policies have wreaked havoc on the economy and devastated the hardest-working Americans and their families.

It's an absolute shame.

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