Ray Epps, the one guy the J6 Committee doesn't seem to care about, claims in texts with his nephew that he "orchestrated" things at the Capitol
· · Dec 30, 2022 · NottheBee.com

It's so weird that, with all the people involved in January 6th sitting in prison, and a former President who said to protest peacefully constantly slandered as riot inciter, the one man who we know that wanted people to riot inside the capitol and wanted others to join his protest is, for some reason, never considered as a conspirator by the J6 committee.

The newest revelations about one Ray Epps are maybe the wildest so far.

It's so strange that the one guy we have on video saying to go into the capitol and the one guy who admitted in texts to orchestrating the riots is the one guy not charged.

I wonder why...

In case you forgot, Ray Epps is this guy who the entire crowd recognized as a fed because he was saying the day before that people needed to go inside the capitol.

[Warning: Language]

And, when questioned earlier by Ted Cruz, the feds REFUSED TO ANSWER whether or not Ray Epps was a fed himself.

So, this is as close as we can get to an admission by the FBI that Epps is a fed.

If he's really just a rube boomer who wanted to go into the Capitol because he loved Trump so much, his butt would be sitting in jail and he would be the Left's poster boy for how they want to portray MAGA folks.

This is just more evidence that the entire J6 thing was planned, beforehand, by the folks at the FBI. Change my mind.


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