Remember how New Zealand went full tyranny for 2 years to keep Covid from spreading? Yeaaaah…
· Mar 8, 2022 ·

You hate to see it:

New Zealand went absolutely bonkers over Covid. Sure, the average age of victims was almost (or over) 80, but instead of locking down the vulnerable and letting everyone else get natural immunity, they locked everything down for 2 years and then basically made it impossible to leave your home if you didn't inject yourself with an experimental vax that would become ineffective in less than a year.

New Zealand's Prime Minister was a prime example of why Karens should never, ever be put in charge of a nation:

Anyway, now that they did all that, their Covid levels are through the roof, even though most of them are triple- or quadruple-vaxxed.

The insane lockdowns did save some lives from Covid, since most of these new cases are from the far-less-lethal Omicron variant, but as with the rest of the world, it will be years before we see the true effects of the mandates – all the lost income, hopes, dreams, friendships, careers, family bonds, special events, businesses, milestones, freedoms, medical screenings, funerals, goodwill, education, playtime, vacations, investments, neighborly trust, and overall will to live. The physical and psychological toll is beyond compare.

Good luck with the skyrocketing Covid cases and impending societal decline, Kiwis!

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