Remember the Loudoun County teacher fired for saying he wouldn't teach transgender ideology? A judge just reinstated him while his lawsuit continues.
· Jun 8, 2021 ·

P.E. teacher Tanner Cross gave a respectful but passionate speech to the woke Loudoun County school board last month, telling them that he loves his students but that his Christian faith prohibits him from teaching them transgender ideology.

Here's a recap of what he said:

Cross was suspended, fired, banned from school property, and barred from future public meetings for kindly saying he believes basic Christian things on the nature of men, women, and sexuality – aspects of reality that both Christians and most of the world still hold true.

He was quickly advised to seek legal counsel, which he did with Alliance Defending Freedom, leading to a judge reinstating him:

While the suit continues to be litigated in court, Cross was temporarily vindicated when Judge James E. Plowman Jr. granted injunction, holding that Cross's religious liberty and free speech rights are integral to the case and that Cross's criticisms are protected by the First Amendment. Cross was "speaking as a citizen" on a matter "that can only be described as a ‘matter of public concern.'"

The judge called Cross's firing "an unconstitutional action," you know, because duh.

Several rallies for the teacher have been held, and his community is gathering behind him as they continue to fight one of the most woke school districts in the nation on the issues of Critical Race Theory and LGBT theory.

Here's what Cross had to say at one rally last Friday:

"Last Tuesday, I went to [a] school board meeting and respectfully objected to two proposed policies. When I spoke, I was thinking about my values, my students, my parents, and my fellow teachers." Cross continued, "The truth is I'm not alone. Many of us are concerned that [the] proposed policies would harm students and require us to violate our beliefs by saying things that are not true."

His case is still going to wind its way through the courts, so who knows what the end result might be. The fact that this case of freedom vs. state-taught ideology isn't clear-cut is scary.

Let's pray that other judges don't decide to install Wokeism the new religion of our schools and land!

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