US Coast Guard rescues 3 adults and 2 dogs floating on giant inflatable pink flamingo off Alaskan coast
· · Jun 8, 2021 ·

Kodiak resident Hollie Spence was spending her 30th birthday just chillin on the Alaskan coast inside a giant inflatable flamingo with a few friends and their puppy dogs. Little did she know, the currents of Monashka Bay were about to pull the party out to sea.

I just want to stop for a minute and let this image sink in.

That's.. a giant inflatable pink flamingo.. drifting out to sea.. with three humans and two dogs inside.

(By the way, I stole the photo above from a video which is here in this article if you want to watch it.)

Well luckily, fellow Kodiak residents Colin Dickey and Katie Gray happened to spot the crew on what could've easily become a three hour tour...

…A three hour tour...


So the friendly citizens called in the emergency, noting that the water was deep, cold, and rough—and that the inflatable pink flamingo was not, in fact, an actual flamingo. And soon the Coast Guard was on the way in a helicopter to rescue them.

Here's the rescue vid for ya:

So, moral of the story: if you're gonna get pulled out to sea...

  1. Make sure you do it inside of a giant pink flamingo (you'll be easier to find).
  2. Make sure you live in a town where people are friendly enough to call in your drifting pink flamingo.
  3. Do it on your birthday, like Hollie did.
  4. Happy birthday Hollie!


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