Report: Three major tax-prep companies sold the personal finance info of tens of millions of Americans to Meta
· Jul 12, 2023 ·

Let's check in on the depths of evil and totalitarian privacy violations being carried out by everybody's favorite social media mogul, shall we?

Oh, looks like Zuck is buying all your tax return info so he can run even more manipulative and targeted ads to Facebook and Instagram users.

A new report brought by Senate Democrats shows that Meta purchased personal financial information gathered from individuals' tax returns from three MAJOR tax prep software companies.

If you got your taxes done with H&R Block, TaxAct, or TaxSlayer, there's a VERY good chance that Mark Zuckerberg now owns the info you input into your tax returns.

Their report said highly personal and financial information about sources of taxpayers' income, tax deductions and exemptions was made accessible to Meta as taxpayers used the tax software to prepare their taxes.

That data came to Meta through its Pixel code, which the tax firms installed on their websites to gather information on how to improve their own marketing campaigns. In exchange, Meta was able to access the data to write targeted algorithms for its own users.

H&R Block, Tax Slayer, and Tax Act traded your private financial info to Zuckerberg so that they could improve their quality of advertising online.

Meta then used your personal info to write advertising algorithms even more directly targeted to you.

The details they gathered and sold are insane!

The program collected information on taxpayers' filing status, income, refund amounts, names of dependents, approximate federal tax owed, which buttons were clicked on the tax preparers' websites and the names of text entry forms that the taxpayer navigated, the report states.

But I'm sure everyone clicked "I Agree" when they were asked, even though no one actually reads the fine print. But I guess it goes to show what they might be hiding in it.

Bernie Sanders, Pocahontas Warren, Da Nang Dick Blumenthal, Sheldon "White Club" Whitehouse, and several other big-name Democrats are the ones who brought this story to light.

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