ROFL. Charmin-soft Portland mayor admits he's been conquered by Antifa neckbeards and finally asks for federal help.
· Jan 3, 2021 ·

Ted Wheeler, mayor of Clowntown AKA Portland, has finally just admitted that he's a dweeb who has been conquered by the Neckbeard Basement-Dweller Brigade AKA Antifa, and has requested federal and state assistance after shunning outside help for months in favor of patting Antifa on the head and telling them how good and oppressed they are.

You'll recall that Wheeler is one of the uber-woke mayors who has demonized law enforcement and demanded they stay away from his city while anarchists colonized and destroyed it from the inside out.

DO NOT MISS this amazing quote from Socialist Ted, delivered at a Friday press conference:

"My good-faith efforts at de-escalation have been met with ongoing violence and even scorn from radical Antifa and anarchists. There are just some people who want to watch the world burn. That's what we're up against here."

Who'da thunk, the lawless grown-up toddler commies who have an inexhaustible ability to create make-believe forms of oppression would not respect and honor your "good-faith efforts and de-escalation," Ted??

The mayor of Clowntown also said this at his presser while requesting federal help:

"In response, it will be necessary to use additional tools and to push the limits of the tools we already have to bring the criminal destruction and violence to an end. It's time to push back harder against those who are set on destroying our community and to take more risks in fighting lawlessness."

K with that in mind let's end this article by watching Wheeler get tear-gassed in July and then try to play like he's the woke "man of the people" by demanding federal law enforcement leave his city:

The Woke Monster cannot be satisfied, Ted!

Oh my goodness he must be the softest man alive 😂😭

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