Ron DeSantis Signs $70 Million Law To Promote Responsible Fatherhood In Florida
ยท Apr 11, 2022 ยท

The Left has been waging a war on fathers and the nuclear family for a long time now.

As early as the 1960s, Daniel Patrick Moynihan observed that the result of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society welfare plan was incentivizing fatherlessness in poor communities by giving more money to families without fathers.

In the Christian community, it has been long recognized that fathers are the rightful head of the household and a well-ordered society is dependent on fathers being men.

Jordan Peterson encapsulates this lesson well:

In a world that definitely needs strong men and present fathers, there's at least one politician working to make this happen.

We're gonna put programs in place that support fathers and help families stay connected and engaged with each other.

This bill aims directly at undoing what liberal policy and leftist ideology has done to destroy families.

DeSantis also mentions how this program will go to support former NFL coach Tony Dungy's organization with the same mission.

Dungy even attended the press conference. He can be seen right over DeSantis's left shoulder.

Strong fathers.

Strong Florida.

What a great message.

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