Transgender teacher tells 6-year-old students about transgenderism, says doctors make a "guess" about whether a baby is a boy or a girl ๐Ÿค”
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I thought we had legal separation of church and state in America.

"I am a man..."

Nope. This woman has 30 trillion XX-encoded cells that have been suppressed by a brutal testosterone regime and surgery. She is no more a man than Robin Williams was Mrs. Doubtfire.

She mentions the idea of "cisgender" to these little kids, which has no basis in scientific thought. It's a term coined by a German sexologist who described himself as a "pedosexual."

It implies that the fact of dichotomous sex found in nearly all living things, especially human beings โ€“ who have intelligence and a spiritual nature beyond any other living thing โ€“ is merely one option in the limitless sex rainbow. Instead of "normal human acting normally," you're just "cisgender."

While it is entirely a philosophical (AKA religious) idea, it is being taught by this teacher to young kids as if it's scientific fact.

Would it be okay then for a Christian to talk to kids in class about the scientific fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, as over 2.5 billion Christians will celebrate in less than a week?

Why not?

Both things are religious beliefs, after all!

More from The Daily Wire:

A Boston-area charter school assistant principal told a first-grade teacher who is a biological woman and identifies as a man to tell kindergarten, first-grade and second grade students on an "Identity Share" Zoom call, "I'm going to start by turning it over to you and having you share with us your โ€˜I am' statements and what you like most about who you are."

...Brooke Roslindale School assistant principal Sarah Hammond told the young children on the "Identity Share" conducted over Zoom in March 2021, "Remember: Your job during the Identity Share is to be listening really carefully so that you can learn something new about Mr. Skyer.

"Listen really carefully, kids! This is one of the sacraments of the religion class we're teaching you!"

Another religious statement in this diatribe (again, to young kids!!!) is that this teacher says a doctor makes a "guess" about someone's "gender."

Nope. Just like you can easily distinguish male and female for almost every animal on the planet (it's even relatively easy to determine which plants are male and female), you can take one look at a child and know in approximately 0.004 nanoseconds what sex (cuz gender isn't a thing) that baby is.

It doesn't even require a biology degree! My two-year-old became a master at figuring this out about a solid year ago.

Of course, this teacher is talking about gender dysphoria, a diagnosable mental illness that requires compassionate and thoughtful care. Why she needs to share that she's struggling with such a mental illness is beyond me. After all, we don't let teachers talk about their alcoholism or adulterous flings in the Bahamas.

I didn't think kindergartners and 1st-graders needed to learn about DSM-5 psychology terms!

Unless they're trying to train little kids in grad-level medical studies, why would they be teaching this stuff? ๐Ÿค”

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