Russell Moore just said Beth Moore is his "'gateway drug' to sanity"
· Jun 17, 2022 ·

The heck?

Look, imma skip over the discussion of female pastors for a moment.

I'm gonna also skip over Russell Moore's trend toward theological capitulation and general squishiness over the past few years, including his support for malignant government propagandists that sought to use evangelical leaders to spiritualize totalitarian edicts.

But MY GOODNESS MAN, you say BETH MOORE is your "gateway drug" to sanity??

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Beth Moore has become increasingly hostile toward disciples of Christ who take God's words dead seriously and wish to see God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

She sides against faithful brothers and sisters who stand their ground against heresy and sin in favor of the "winsome," "transform-the-culture-by-looking-exactly-like-it" approach that has defined Big Eva in it's attempt to reform the Kingdom of God to look like post-modern secular humanism instead of the other way around.

In her pursuit of the god of Moral Therapuetic Deism, she then openly spews messages like these that show a profoundly ignorant understanding of basic theology, philosophy, teleology, politics, human nature, and world history:

Divisiveness isn't bad when the truth is being spoken, but when that "truth" just so happens to align with what all the atheistic, gender-bending, neo-Marxist woke mob is saying, it should send up red flags. It should make you realize that the person yelling these things in all caps is not rooted in reality, has rejected Scripture, and has lost the plot.

But to Russell Moore, one of the leading evangelical voices of the last few decades, she is "the gateway drug to sanity."

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