Putin keeps trying to push his sketchy, untested COVID-19 vaccine on the U.S. and U.N. and it's just getting awkward now

Oct 8th

Does it get any more Russian than this?

A couple of weeks ago, Putin tried to offer their virtually untested COVID-19 vaccine to U.N. officials. Shockingly, not a lot of people jumped on it.

I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that...

  • The study only involved 76 participants.
  • There was no placebo or controlled vaccine used.
  • Russia did not provide the complete details of the study.
  • The data that was provided was very suspicious, according to a group of non-russian scientists.
  • There were already other vaccines in phase 3 of testing.. you know, the phase where they test on thousands of participants, rather than a handful.
  • They've named the vaccine the Sputnik V.

That last one might not seem like a strong reason for concern, but considering the original Sputnik, the first satellite ever shot into space, was 63 years ago, it kind of feels like those Ruskies are in a hurry to reclaim their former Space Race glory.

It's basically the equivalent of commenting "First!!!!!111"

By the way, who won that Space Race, anyway?

Oh that's right...


And, look, I'm not saying Putin's a bad guy... but I'm just saying: If a Bond villain wanted to take down some top U.N. officials, this is pretty much how he would do it.

Anyway, now that Trump caught the 'VID, Putin is offering his vaccine to the U.S. again, and at this point, it's just kind of making things uncomfortable. Like, bro... Take a hint!

There are currently 4 vaccines in phase 3 of testing, so, you know... it's not like we don't have other options. And here in America, if we really want to get poked with untested needles, we can just take a walk around San Francisco.


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