Saint Louis University is threatening to expel a student for posting off campus flyers for a Matt Walsh event
· Dec 14, 2021 ·

This is unreal.

Saint Louis University school administrators in Missouri are threatening to suspend or expel a conservative student for posting event posters advertising Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh's university lecture off-campus.

SLU officials informed a member of the university's College Republicans, student James Dowling, via Zoom call Thursday that he could face expulsion for alleged "failure to comply" and "inappropriate conduct" after he placed the lecture advertisements at an off-campus location on Dec. 1 before Walsh's appearance.

Walsh is not some fringe personality or dangerous looney calling for violence.

Though his takes are extra spicy (how some of us like it), his general views are held by at least half of the nation and he is one of the most popular commentators on the planet (not to mention a bestselling LGBT book author).

By banning Walsh, the university affirms that it has ceased to be a place for learning and the debate of ideas, and is instead an indoctrination factory made to create little cultists.

That would be bad enough if limited to the university's property, but when they demand censorship and conformity off campus, it's so far beyond the pale that I have no word for it.

When he refused to kowtow to SLU administrators demanding he take down the Walsh posters from a crosswalk off-campus, two university employees filed displinary charges against Dowling. The school's feud with Dowling is still ongoing over a week after the event, culminating in an upcoming conduct hearing.

As for Walsh, he had some thoughts:

You want a war, SLU?

Good luck!

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