Salon says "it's time to start firing unvaccinated people" and I guess they must really dislike black Americans
· Oct 1, 2021 ·

There's only one problem with this article, Salon...

...and it's that the largest group of unvaxxed people in America by ethnicity are not white MAGA hillbillies with scraggly beards, but black Americans of all educational and socioeconomic backgrounds.

So why do you hate black people, Salon?

Staffing shortages are a minor issue compared to the damage being caused by the unchecked spread of COVID-19, which is increasingly due to one cause: right-wingers who have made refusal to get vaccinated a culture war and identity politics issue.

Think of the stupidity in play here:

  1. Staffing shortages are actually leading a lot more people to die from things like cancer and heart disease, which kill way more than the 'Rona – and it's not even close... like not even in the same ballpark close.
  2. Covid variants are actually being spread by both vaxxed and unvaxxed people.
  3. There is absolutely no mention of natural immunity here.
  4. The demographics of the unvaccinated don't support anything being said here.

There are a whole host of factors determining who gets the vax and who doesn't.

  • Sure, rural peeps are far less likely to be vaxxed. They also live in the country and don't have to take the New York subway every day.
  • Conservatives are less likely to be vaxxed, but there's no proof this has anything to do with Trump (since he launched the initiative to create the vaccines and has promoted them endlessly). We could talk about the differences in media consumption (watching CNN will have you thinking the end times are upon us) and personal worldviews, but that doesn't sound as nice as demonizing conservatives!
  • As for ethnicity, black and Hispanic Americans continue to lag behind whites and Asians in vaccinations:

That doesn't matter. What does matter, according to this writer, is that people die to teach Trump voters a lesson.

Putting up with staffing shortages is a small price to pay to make sure that Trumpers — a class of people clearly unused to the idea that actions have consequences — actually start feeling real pressure to get vaccinated.

These words were written by a literal fascist.

How deranged and unhinged from reality do you have to be to write something like this?

It gets even more loony:

To be blunt, white privilege has long shielded many conservatives from the concept of facing consequences for their actions.

Except many conservatives and/or Trump voters are not white...

Oh, and your mandates would actually hurt black and brown Americans the most, while benefiting Asian Americans over all other ethnic groups.

I guess Salon just wants black people to be re-enslaved and segregated from society!

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