Worst looters ever: San Antonio residents stripped this store of all the water stacked outside overnight. But they left money to pay for it all!

Feb 22nd

No, no, no. That's not how you loot, guys!

The store's manager related the tale on her Facebook page:

So I went into work today to check up on my store and they took all the water I had outside my store understandable everyone needs water and I had almost 100 in 7-11 pk and probably 40 of aquafina outside and then when we looked into the store I find this...they left me 620 in cash different ppl I was like wow

A quick check of wholesale prices for water and she might have come out of that exchange in pretty good shape.

The whole episode is at least, in part, a reflection of this one manager's dedication and her relationship with her customers.

Okay, enough of that feel good stuff, back to our regularly scheduled mayhem and despair.


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