Leaked video shows Napa Valley school hosted "gender inclusion" workshop for young kids featuring our favorite pal, the Gender Unicorn
· Mar 29, 2022 · NottheBee.com

In California, the Napa Valley Unified School District hosted an online workshop for parents and teachers on the subject of "gender inclusion" which is a fancy way of saying they're showing adults how to create gender confusion and trans the kids.

The video from the workshop, obtained by Libs of TikTok, is heartbreaking.

This first clip shows the educator referencing a gender inclusion book that gives examples of young kids who were confused about their gender and how they wanted to be addressed.

You might hear a child say they are a "boy-girl" or "girl-boy" meaning they feel like they are a combination of both a boy and a girl.

You might hear them say "I feel like everything"... as children discover there are more gender options available, they may check the box that means all of the above for them.

Oh, what a big shock. A child who grows up knowing "boy" and "girl" as the two genders is introduced by adults to this confusing world of multiple genders and they just say they're everything because they have been so confused by adults.

These are young kids. Of course they are going to be confused when an adult tells them something like this.

They might describe themselves as just a kid. Why are you asking me if I'm a boy or a girl I'm just a kid we're all kids.

I'm pretty sure in this research any kid who said that was really saying "leave me alone".

The kid in this example makes a good point though.



She goes on to explain how kids would like to be called just by their name, which is what many kids would do if given a million options of genders and they don't know what to choose.

The last one is gender smoothie, and these kids are also just saying "I don't care what you call me, leave me alone you weirdo."

I may be reading into the research a little though.

Then we have the famous gender unicorn:

Gender is always fluid and can change day to day even, according to the radical gender theorists.

Which makes a rather interesting problem for the woke cultists:

Trans surgery contradicts the entire thesis of the gender radicals.

The unicorn also discusses sexual attraction WITH TODDLERS by the way.

Teachers EVERYWHERE are being trained in this "inclusivity" nonsense.

Protect your kids.

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