Washington State School District Passes Policy To Dole Out Different Punishments Based On Race. For Real.

Mar 30th

The Clover Park School District outside of Tacoma has passed a policy that would encourage teachers to consider factors like race when doling out punishments for students.

It's being called "culturally responsive discipline." 🤡

Equity in action, ladies and gentlemen.

According to the DailyMail and video from Clover Park, the school's policy would take into consideration the race of the students when deciding how to punish them, because the system, while equal, may not be "equitable."

  • Equality is getting the same punishment, regardless of who you are.
  • Equity means making sure that black students and white students are punished the same REGARDLESS of the offense.

Here's the video acquired by DailyMail showing the school district's discussion of this rule.

Essentially... dispersing discipline across the ethnicities and racial groups equitably.

So, are you disciplining African American boys more than you are disciplining white boys, right? So, are you paying attention to all that data disaggregating your data to look at that so they're looking for that kind of review of data, not just the numbers, right?

They're going to look at numbers and how many kids get in trouble and decide to tell teachers whether or not they are being equitable in punishing kids.

Equity, again, means equal outcomes. So, the fact that some students or groups of students may earn more punishment than others is irrelevant. Every group has to be equal in receiving punishment (based on their skin color) in order to be culturally sensitive and achieve equity.

More from the DailyMail:

The district in the suburbs of Tacoma will now use 'culturally responsive discipline' that encourages school staff to impose disciplinary policies that 'may be adapted to individual student needs in a culturally responsive manner.'

Critics say the new approach is in effect a race-based disciplinary policy that will encourage harsher or lighter punishments based on a student's race, with white students being disciplined more severely.

But the district insists that it is following a state law passed in 2021 that compels districts to 'align with Cultural Competency, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion standards.'

'Contrary to recent inaccurate news coverage and social media posts, Clover Park School District's Student Discipline Policy does not make race a determining factor for administering discipline. It contains no such provision,' said Board President Alyssa Anderson Pearson in a statement to DailyMail.com

The defense against the accusation that schools will punish based on race is that the new policy is in accordance with Washington law.

The entire policy is about "diversity, inclusion, and equity" (DIE) and is filled with this woke language of Critical Theory, yet the policy doesn't even take race into account?

Then what does the policy do, if it's not taking race into account? What's the point of the policy?

The district vehemently denied that race would be a determining factor in administering discipline under the new policy.

'Our district has high standards for student behavior. It is the intention of the school board that discipline policies and procedures be implemented in a manner that supports a positive school environment, maximizes instructional time and increases educational opportunity for all,' said Pearson in a statement.

'The student discipline process is a learning opportunity for students to improve behavior and contribute to a safe and respectful learning environment,' the statement added.

The school passed this policy that requires a review of the data on punishments to determine if students are treated equitably.

Here's the language directly from the policy which passed 3-2:

The District will follow the practices outlined in guidance from the Race and Ethnicity Student Data Task Force when disaggregating broader racial categories into subracial and subethnic categories. The District will consider student program status and demographic information (i.e. gender, grade-level, low-income, English language learner, migrant, special education, Section 504, foster care, and homeless) when disaggregating student race and ethnicity data to identify any within-group variation in school discipline experiences and outcomes of diverse student groups. This process may include reviewing data to prevent and address discrimination against students in protected classes identified in chapters 28A.640 and 28A.642 RCW, however, the District will ensure it reviews disaggregated discipline data in accordance with WAC 392-190-048 at least annually.

They'll be checking to see if teachers are treating kids fairly instead of equitably.

This policy is disastrous, discriminatory, and illegal.

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