Adam Ford prophecy fulfilled? Melbourne school affirms teen girl who identifies as cat ๐Ÿ˜‘
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Hoo boy. Buckle up.

This story comes from the land down under where a Melbourne private school is supporting a young girl who identifies as a literal cat.

This student is completely nonverbal at school, making cat noises I guess, and just quietly does her school work and attends class while acting like a kitten.

Here's the Daily Mail:

A teenage girl now reportedly identifies as a cat with the Melbourne private school where she attends supporting her 'animal behaviour'.

The year eight student does not speak during school hours, according to the report in the Herald Sun, despite being described as 'phenomenally bright'.

A parent reportedly told the paper that the school let the girl behave like a cat as long as it did not distract her or other students.

This teenage student is described as "phenomenally bright" when she goes to class and makes cat noises.

And the school is fine with this absolutely insane and deviant behavior because she's well-behaved. For a cat, I guess.

Please tell me there's no litter box involved!

'No one seems to have a protocol for students identifying as animals, but the approach has been that if it doesn't disrupt the school, everyone is being supportive,' a source close to the family told the newspaper.

The school did not confirm the student's behaviour in a statement to the Herald Sun but said its support staff was dealing with a range of psychological issues.

In a statement, the school said students were presenting 'with a range of issues, from mental health, anxiety or identity issues'.

'Our approach is always unique to the student and we will take into account professional advice and the wellbeing of the student,' the school said.

There are reports of a teenage girl, like 13-years-old, who acts like a cat at school and the school won't give a simple "No, there's no cat-girl here" answer.

That means there's definitely a cat-girl at this school.

This isn't the only place in Australia where kids have been identifying as cats at school.

In March it was reported that female students at an elite Brisbane private school were walking on all fours and cutting holes into their uniforms for tails because they identify as cats or foxes.

'When a girl went to sit at a spare desk, another girl screamed at her and said she was sitting on her tail; there's a slit in this child's uniform where the tail apparently is,' a concerned parent told the Courier Mail.

The school denied the claim from the parent.

This is the next logical step down the slippery slope.

If a boy can identify as a girl, why can't he identify as a dog or a cat?

Isn't it amazing that just 50 years ago, we were disciplining kids by beating them with a ruler over their backside, and now we're at the point where schools are letting kids be cats?

The "Furry" subculture, although apparently not necessarily sexual, is a particularly strange phenomenon, but it's not as uncommon in today's LGBT+ world as you would think.

Brisbane psychologist Judith Locke said she was not surprised by the emergence of the 'furry' trend.

She claimed it was only a matter of time before people began to identify as animals after romanticising them in their lives, in film and television.

'But there's a real challenge around the acceptance of people's decisions on how they see themselves these days; it is a fraught area.'

Australian adolescent psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg said he had only come across one client who identified as an animal in his 25 years of practice.

The client was a young boy who identified as a dog.

Dr Carr-Gregg said once the stressors in his life were removed, the boy resorted back to identifying as a human being.

According to Furry website Furscience three quarters of those adopting 'fursonas' are under the age of 25.

We live in a world where kids are being psychologically stressed and turning to weird internet forums for help and coming away pretending that they're another gender, no gender, or maybe even an animal.

And the adults in these cases are just being "supportive" of this absolutely dangerous nonsense.

But this brings me to the most important part: Our man Adam Ford totally called this years ago with this webcomic:

There are old creeps out there who identify as little kids, people who identify as black (to varying degrees of success), and little kids who identify as cats.

It's only a matter of time before someone embodies this comic perfectly!


Editor's Note: "Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things." - Romans 1:22

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