Viral video: This is what actual police brutality looks like
ยท Aug 22, 2022 ยท

Unfortunately for the mainstream media and leftist activists (but I repeat myself), the perp being pummeled by these officers has too light a skin tone to justify burning down a few dozen cities.

[Warning: Violence]

This is guy getting walloped, 27-year-old Randal Ray Worcester of South Carolina, has been charged with battery, assault, resisting arrest, criminal mischief, and terroristic act charges.

This incident has led to all three officers being suspended, and there would be a fair case to charge them criminally for their actions.

Before I get to the details, I'll note that this incident destroys the entire racial narrative around policing in this country:

  • We are told that officers do not act this way toward those with lighter skin because those individuals have white privilege.
  • We are told that officers use force on black individuals โ€“ such as leaning on the back of a man's shoulder blades, NOT neck, to incapacitate said man โ€“ because they are inherently racist and occupy a systemically racist institution.
  • We are told that we need to "do the work" to bring awareness to this "genocide of black and brown bodies" by police because no one understands that police can sometimes be woefully untrained or corrupt.
  • We are told that officers like this will never be investigated, suspended, or charged, which is why rioting and looting are justified.
  • We are told that we need to defund the police instead of making sure they are actually trained in force-on-force response.
  • We are told that there will be far less outrage if a black man gets beat than if a white man gets beat, but this story, while shocking, will be a blip in today's news cycle while stories like George Floyd's get international attention, special statements from the president, members of Congress to kneel in silence, major statements from Fortune 500 companies, and months of wall-to-wall analysis.

The fact is, this happens to white perps all the time. Check out black pastor Voddie Baucham's book "Fault Lines" if you want examples.

More about the story:

According to Sheriff Jimmy Damante with the Crawford County Sheriff's Office, Alma police were called to the convenience store Sunday morning in regards to a man making terroristic threats to one of the employees.

27-year-old Randall Worcester of South Carolina allegedly spat on the convenience store employee and then proceeded to make threats, and said they would "cut off their face."

Police stated that Worcester then left on a bike towards Exit 20 in Mulberry and that's where the Mulberry officer and deputies were able to catch up with him.

The conversation began in a calm and civil manner but a sheriff said the man then allegedly began to attack one of the deputies and pushed him into the ground while punching the back of his head. This is what lead to what is shown in the video.

Reports state that Worcester was taken to the hospital for treatment, and was released, then jailed at Van Buren.

So as horrible as this is, it's worth noting that of all the problems facing our country, racism is near the bottom of the list.

We better start paying attention to the real problems that lead to incidents like this, or it's only gonna get worse.

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