sCiEnCe! Nashville mayor covered up low COVID numbers to justify shutting down restaurants, emails show
· Sep 17, 2020 ·

Today, #sCiEnCe strikes again! While the rest of us have been happy to hear data showing that COVID-19 is far less deadly than previously believed, those on the side of #sCiEnCe need us to remain locked down and afraid until we conquer death or they get unrestrained access to the reins of power – whichever comes first.

Today in Nashville, a bombshell story dropped that the mayor – John Cooper (D) – has falsified COVID data in the city to justify shutting down restaurants and bars and keeping them closed. It turns out, the data showed very little transmission was happening in these establishments, but since that didn't fit with #sCiEnCe, the mayor and the health department sent emails back and forth to keep the public in the dark about the numbers of cases actually occurring in these businesses. In the meantime, closure of these establishments has led to thousands of people losing their jobs and businesses.

Suffice it to say, the people of Nashville are not happy.

"They are fabricating information," Nashville Councilman Steve Glover said of the mayor and health department. "They've blown their entire credibility ... It's gone, I don't trust a thing they say going forward ... nothing."

Unfortunately for the mayor, some larger public figures noticed the case of corruption.

What balloonheads. Perhaps Ben Shapiro should reconsider moving to Nashville for the time being.

Chalk up another win for #sCiEnCe!!

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