Scientists successfully grew a pair of mouse testicles in a lab and I've gathered some of the best replies for ya
· Feb 22, 2024 ·

Yo, this story is nuts! Scientists have grown a pair of testicles in a lab, and now there's a whole new meaning to my high school football coach's favorite saying: "Grow a pair!"

And, as Ted Cruz notes, there is finally hope for leftists, many of whom have already removed theirs and will likely someday want another pair.

Call it progress.

[R]esearchers at Israel's Bar-Ilan University have grown "laboratory testicles" they hope could eventually ease male infertility, which affects 10% to 15% of American men.

The tiny, artificial organs, produced from cells extracted from mouse testes, are said to resemble the structure and function of natural mouse testicles. The researchers, led by Dr. Nitzan Gonen, are aiming to develop human-like testicles from human stem cells to help treat developmental sex disorders and infertility.

Got kinda worried there when they said "tiny," didn't ya?

So now scientists are studying these mouse testes, and will soon grow a pair from human cells. They're using them to do research on male infertility and some of the common disorders that come along with it.

The researchers realized the procedure was a success when they identified tubule-like structures and cellular organization mimicking that of in vivo testis.

The artificial mouse testicles functioned well for nine weeks — which is, in theory, enough time for mouse sperm generation and release to occur. That process takes about 34.5 days.

Testicles have two main functions — the production, storage and maturation of sperm cells and the synthesis of testosterone, the primary male sex hormone.

In the study findings, recently published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences, the scientists noted that their organoids showed 'signs of entry into meiosis,' the process that reduces the number of chromosomes by half to form sperm cells.

Another goal here is to make some of these testes readily available to those men who don't have a functioning pair, which, again, would be really cool for leftists who are currently destroying theirs and keeping them in refrigerators.

Interestingly enough, lab-grown testes can be used in livestock as well.

‘It's true that if science can find a way to control the sex of farm animals and ensure that all the offspring will be only females or only males, the production of the industry will improve twofold,' Gonen explained to Haaretz.

‘For example, eight females will be born instead of four females and four males — and the animals in the industry will also benefit, because half of them won't be killed, as is done today,' she added.

That last part reads way too much like an apocalyptic sci-fi film to me, so I'm out.

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