New scientific paper: There is no biological evidence for "gender identity"
· Jan 10, 2023 ·

So you know how this whole "gender identity" nonsense has basically taken over our culture and been used in the medical world in order to justify the chemical and sometimes surgical castration of young children?

Yeah, it's complete nonsense.

I mean, you already knew it was nonsense, but here, I have something for you next time you get in an argument with your cousin Spirit (they/them):

Yes, it seems the craze is a simple fantasy, dreamed up by snowflakes on college campuses in order to rid the world of Western thought and essentially usher in a sort of utopia where everyone is equal because nobody is anything.

It has no basis in biology.

According to an international group of over 100 clinicians and researchers, there is currently no biological evidence for "gender identity" and no laboratory test that can distinguish a trans-identified person from a non-trans-identified person. Despite this, the belief in "gender identity" is used as the basis for medically transitioning thousands of children and adolescents.

"The assumption of the core biological underpinning for ‘gender identity' and ‘gender dysphoria' remains an unproven theory: while biology likely plays a role in gender nonconformity, currently, there is no brain, blood, or other objective test that distinguishes a trans-identified from a non-trans identified person once confounding factors such as sexual orientation are controlled for," (emphasis original) said the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM) in an article debunking false and unproven assumptions used to medically transition children.

The article debunks five assumptions about "gender identity" which are typically used to argue for trans surgeries in minors:

Gender identity, which underlies gender dysphoria, is a fundamental personal characteristic that is biologically "ingrained"; the sharp rise in the number of youth presenting with gender dysphoria does not signal a true increase in cases — it's merely better detection; medical interventions in gender-dysphoric minors have clear eligibility criteria; medical interventions for gender dysphoric minors have been demonstrated to be safe and effective; and last, detransition does not represent medical harm and is rare.

I'll leave you this link to the article so you can read more.

Personally, I'd like to focus on the biological part, because you know, SCIENCE!

So I'll give you more on that:

Cohn observes that the assumption of a fundamental biologically ingrained "gender identity," while intriguing, has never been proven, despite many attempts. For example, brain studies that purport to distinguish objective differences in brains of trans-identified individuals are highly flawed: the differences disappear once confounding factors such as sexual orientation (or exposure to exogenous hormones) are controlled for. Other studies rely on extremely small sample sizes, find nothing conclusive, or detect no signal.

Cohn also notes a common intellectual sleight of hand used by authors making the "biological case" for gender identity when they invoke studies of people with disorders of sexual development (DSD). People with DSD have demonstrable chromosomal and/or endocrine abnormalities. However, the vast majority of trans-identified individuals do not have DSD (and the vast majority of DSD individuals don't suffer from gender dysphoria), so referencing DSD studies in order to claim a biological origin of gender dysphoria or trans identity is misleading.

In essence, what we're seeing here with the whole "gender identity" trend is simply that, a trend, a fad — all the cool kids are doing it.

It's fake.

Being trans or non-binary or whatever people are calling it these days is simply like being goth in the nineties.

But now, Big Pharma wants to use your goth children to get rich.

And once a child makes that leap to transition meds or surgery, they'll always be a customer. Because the body knows what it's meant to be, and it'll never accept the "gender transition" no matter how well they say it works. The kid will come back for more and more and more as the body tries to repair itself to its natural form.

"Gender identity" is nonsense and everybody knows it.

Trust the science!

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