Watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson flip out when he hears someone challenge the efficacy of Covid vaccines
· Jan 10, 2023 ·

Behold, the left-wing approach to Covid, vaccines and scientific inquiry, all rolled up into one bombastic outburst:

I don't need to tell you that it's patently absurd that anyone — let alone a credential scientist! — is still arguing, in early 2023, that the vaccines prevent the spread of the virus.

They don't. Pretty much everyone has acknowledged that now. Here's the Mayo Clinic, for instance:

People with vaccine breakthrough infections may spread COVID-19 to others.

And here's the CDC:

People who get vaccine breakthrough infections can spread COVID-19 to other people.

Here's Scientific American:

[T]he risk of vaccinated transmission is not low.

Once infected, vaccinated people seem to transmit COVID similarly to unvaccinated people...

Even one of the original Covid fear-mongers, Deborah Birx, has admitted that the vaccines don't stop transmission. Actually she's admitted that she always knew they wouldn't!

We could go on, but we don't have to. At this point, the only argument in favor of getting a vaccine is to theoretically protect yourself from a severe case of the virus, not protect other people from you spreading it. Pretty much nobody has believed the vaccine has stopped the spread of Covid since summer 2021.

So when I hear Neil Tyson make the claim that the vaccine is about "collective health," I just have to ask him:

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