See if you can figure out what the heck Kamala is trying to say here
· Aug 13, 2022 ·

Kamala has had many deep thoughts during her time as Vice President and none of them have made a lick of sense.

This latest installment of Deep Thoughts with Kamala Harris is particularly... deep.

See if you can make any sense out of this absolute word salad:

We know that we really are quite behind in terms of maximizing our collective understanding about how we will engage on the technology of today and how we can quickly and easily predict will be the technology over the next decades.

So to maintain our position as the United States of America, on this issue, it is critical that we work together to understand where we are, to recognize and have the courage to speak the truth about what is obsolete, and then to partner to ensure that we are speaking the same language, with the same motivation, inspired by the opportunity of it all. But then doing the work of updating how we have been talking and thinking about our exploration in space.

Somebody wrote that.

It may seem like she's just making up the next word as she goes along, but there's no way they put VP Harris out there without a script.

To be fair, I understood all of the words. It's just completely unclear what the heck she is talking about. The sentences and phrases don't make sense. They don't connect together.

It is maybe the least coherent thing I've ever heard a person say.

The Daily Wire put together a hilarious video in response to Kamala's incoherent ramblings.

Nothing she says EVER makes any sense.

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