She's Baaaack! Based Brit Who Took On Soy Boy At Swim Meet Confronts Trans Activist For Using Women's Restroom
ยท Mar 21, 2022 ยท

Remember this lady who absolutely destroyed a soy boy at the NCAA women's swim championship?

She's back.

And she's even wearing an "I'm not a vet but I know what a dog is" shirt. ๐Ÿ˜‚

At the same swimming event, this woman (Kellie-Jay Keen) confronted a man who recently decided to pretend to be a woman, and the interaction did not go well for the dude...

Keen: On the basis of the comfort and dignity of girls and women I'm asking you, telling you, please do not use women's spaces. It makes them feel uncomfortable.

Trans Dude: My girls and the other women I'm with are very comfortable with me in the bathroom.

Keen: Well, fortunately, I am not your daughter and my daughter is not your daughter and she can -

TD: That's right, and she can stay-

Keen: Ah, ah, ah! She would feel very uncomfortable.

TD: Please don't interrupt me.

Keen: No, you interrupted me. You interrupted me.

TD: I'm not here for a debate. [Turns to camera] would you please call off your dog.

Yeah, this dude went too far.

Didn't he read her shirt? She's not a vet but she knows what a dog is. And she will not tolerate being called a dog by some dude that thinks he's a chick.

Keen: I'm asking you as a mother: Do not use female spaces!

TD: As a mother-

Keen: How dare you!

TD: As a mother...

Camera lady: You are not a mother! You never birthed your daughter!

TD: I do the job of mother, which is even more important.


We need more people like Kellie-Jay Keen who stand up loudly and vocally for reality!

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