"Should we trust Vivek? Lots of coincidences here…"
· Aug 26, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Please lay aside your tendency toward confirmation bias for one moment, dear reader, and consider the things this man is saying about Vivek Ramaswamy:

Very plainly, there are questions raised by this video that Vivek must answer. No, I didn't say "chuck Vivek out immediately," I said there are questions he needs to answer. If that angers you, then I suggest you go find the answers yourself, to cure your cognitive dissonance.

When a politician comes out of absolutely nowhere and rockets in the polls (cof-cof-OBAMA-cof) EVERYBODY should be asking questions about his life, and who or what is backing and guiding him. It's not usually what it appears on your phone screen, I can tell you that.

Let's all do our due diligence as American voters. If we don't, we're stupid, and the ruling class will continue to brow-beat us like they enjoy doing so much.

P.S. I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS VIVEK -- but I will say that the ruling elite is so Machiavellian and obsessed with power, that if they sensed a large-scale revolt against the American political establishment, they absolutely would put forth an "anti-establishment" puppet to get elected, so they could still rule through him or her. Again, I am not saying this is what's happening with Vivek. I AM saying keep your eyes open.

The ruling establishment is familiar with neither rules nor morals.

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