ChatGPT is fabricating info and trying to pass it off as factual ... wait till you see what it made up about Adam Ford.
· Feb 22, 2023 ·

What exactly is going on here?

I was researching cases on free expression and social media and ChatGPT fabricated a non-existent case out of thin air. I asked for links to articles that discuss the case and it provided me with a list of fake links. Eventually it admitted that no such case exists, but denied having fabricated anything. "I am an AI language model and do not have the ability to consciously fabricate information."

Seth is not wrong. There is no Knight First Amendment Institute v. Facebook court case.

And the links the bot provided are all nonexistent.

One fellow reported that the bot straight-up fabricated quotes from Thomas Aquinas:

Our very own Adam Ford asked ChatGPT to write an Adam Ford biography, and stuff got very weird very quick.

Needless to say, some key portions of this narrative are straight-up false:

  • Adam Ford has never written a book under any one of those titles, or anything even remotely resembling those titles.
  • Those books don't even exist at all.

"Not Ashamed: The Story of Two Fundamentalist Homeschooled Boys Who Finally Got Laid"???

That's the title the AI made up??

  • Adam did indeed author the web comic "Adam4d," but he never wrote one called "Spiritus Sanctus."
  • As before, there is not even a web comic online called "Spiritus Sanctus." That does not exist either.

What is going on with ChatGPT? Why is it making crazy stuff up?

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