South Korea's record-low birthrate just dropped even further
· Feb 22, 2023 ·

The entire world is experiencing low birth rates far below replacement numbers. According to the United Nations, the global birthrate is currently at 1.76%, but replacement numbers need to be at 2.1%, meaning there will be some population decline over the next few decades.

Some countries are already experiencing that decline.

Take South Korea for instance.

South Korea just announced that their current birthrate is at 0.78%, a new record low.

249,000 babies were born in South Korea this year, but there were 372,800 deaths.

Experts believe the current ratio of births to deaths in the nation will halve the population of South Korea by the end of the century.

James Cameron should be thrilled.

However, halving a nation's population is detrimental to GDP and the overall success of the nation, and it's already having a devastating effect:

  • Daycares are being converted into nursing homes
  • OB-GYNs are closing while funeral parlors are opening
  • There aren't enough children in some schools to start a soccer team.

The government has tried multiple social programs and campaigns to get their population to reproduce, including pouring over $210 billion into programs incentivizing procreation.

But clearly the programs have not worked.

Chung Hyun-back was the one tasked by the previous government to reverse the falling trend of the birthrate. She blamed the failure of all the afore-mentioned programs on…THE PATRIARCHY.

Mind you, Hyun-back is a woman, like millions of South Korean women, who chose her career over having a family: a path known in Korea as being on a birth strike.

There are billboards around the cities that say "Women refuse to be baby-making machines." That sounds very familiar:

Groups like 4B have mantras for women that say:

"Four nos: no dating, no sex, no marriage and no child-rearing."

South Korean women say that if they become wives and mothers, society expects them to bear more responsibility for their children than their husbands do.

What would change these feminist women's mind about marriage and child-rearing?

  • Ending discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace. Fair enough.
  • Sharing household duties equally between parents. Fair enough.
  • And having more single mothers and the end of the traditional family. Ummm…

Careful, your Marxism is showing.

More single mothers might increase the birthrate, but it's certainly not going to help co-parenting and workplace issues.

One diamond in the rough is, like most countries experiencing population decline, the South Koreans that are having the most babies are mostly religious families.

Within a generation, the crazed Marxist feminists will have made themselves extinct.

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