Resurfaced video of reinstated Nashville Rep. Justin Jones shows him assaulting drivers, standing on police cars during 2020 George Floyd riots
· Apr 13, 2023 ·

So, the folks at The Post Millennial have done a little bit more digging on the Nashville Democrat Justin Jones who was kicked out of the state House of Representatives and then nearly immediately reinstated by his city's council.

It turns out that a grand jury indicted Jones for reckless endangerment back in 2020 when, as part of the BLM riots, he stopped a driver in the middle of the street and then proceeded to assault the driver.

You know, because that's just what people did back in 2020 because they were so mad about George Floyd!

Here's the video:

He and his buddies stopped a random passerby in his truck and tried to trespass into the truck and beat the guy up.

This is a violent man.

And this is only what we have on tape.

This occurred in Nashville, right outside the state capitol, where Justin committed his other offenses.

A local blog in Nashville covered Jones' multiple violent incidents with citizens AND police a year after the fact when Jones finally turned himself in, maintaining that he was never violent.

Throughout the entire time, he has faced over a dozen charges but always denied that he was violent – despite multiple assaults, assault on an officer, and reckless endangerment charges. In the newly obtained video, one of his assaults was captured, and presented to the Grand Jury – and he was indicted on two counts of reckless endangerment.

Here he is standing on a police car during the riots:

[Language in this video]:

So, he was known to be a violent BLM protester (sorry about the redundancy), and he was accused of assaulting police officers along with assaulting just regular people during the summer of love in 2020. However, he was only indicted on the two counts of reckless endangerment and maintains he was never violent.

Then he went on to lead a similarly violent insurrection as a state representative 3 years later.

I don't know if we should be shocked by this, but the fact that Nashville let him off with a slap on the wrist three years ago makes it less shocking they would reinstate him after leading a riot this year.

Don't let anyone tell you that Democrats are not the party of violence.

They reward and exalt violent people.

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