Some poor guy inhaled his silver dental grillz into his lung.
· May 26, 2023 ·

If you are not familiar with dental grillz, they are decorative dental wear, usually made from shiny metals, that snap onto a person's existing teeth.

Like so:

You'll note I'm spelling "grillz" with a "z" and that'z partly becauze that'z how the kidz spell thingz theze dayz.

But mostly, it's because we're going into Memorial day, and I don't want anyone getting the dental appliqué confused with those other grills.

While they might smell delicious, trying to put non-dental grills in your mouth is very dangerous.

On the other hand, apparently putting dental grillz in your mouth can be very dangerous as well.

In a curious case study published in the academic journal Cureus, Nicholas D. Nassif, Manveer Ubhi, and Aniruddh Kapoor document a medical emergency where a man's silver dental grillz fell off his teeth and was then inhaled into his lung.

Look! There there they are!

[Warning: The inside of someone's lung]




The doctors were worried about the sharp parts of the grillz doing damage as they extracted them, but they managed to lasso them and get them out without too much damage, and the man was released from the hospital.

I guess the lesson that should be learned here is that folks wearing grillz should take a page out of Bill Clinton's book and "not inhale."

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