Some things to keep in mind about Dr. Fauci...

Mar 28th

From Adam Ford, Captain of Not the Bee, in response to Fauci saying kids shouldn't be allowed to play together without masks until they are immunized:

Just because Fauci says something, everyone automatically assumes it's the right thing to do. People, he's an immunologist. His job is NOT to care about the whole picture. He sees only infection numbers on a screen. He's a walking Excel spreadsheet.

But he's somehow been elevated to "unquestionable CEO of America during the pandemic" when he actually has very narrow vision regarding the totality of what's going on. The pandemic is MUCH more than just infection numbers on a spreadsheet.

Fauci is not a CEO — he's an accountant. He's worried about specific numbers only, NOT the overall health of the company.

Remember that when he tells you stuff like "don't let little kids play together without masks."

There's a reason accountants don't run the company.


There are a million ways to die. Our federal, state, and local governments, in the name of trying to reduce Covid deaths specifically, are drastically increasing people's chances of dying by myriad other causes. Please don't be afraid to use your brains, people.

Thought you might like to read that.

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