Somebody actually paid $192,000 for Barack Obama’s high school basketball jersey

Dec 6th

Yup, you read that right: $192,000...for Barack Obama's high school basketball jersey.

Barack Obama, the 44th president, who never played a minute of NBA basketball in his life. Someone bought his jersey—his high school basketball jersey—for nearly $200,000.

That's a little crazy, right? I mean, is the guy even good at basketball?

Check here for Not the Bee's take on that. Hint: Obama is not good at basketball.

And yes, it was me who gave Obama credit for his "lucky" three pointer last month which drove that article to be written in the first place. I don't care. I'm just a nice guy, okay. Whatever. At least I created a conversation.

Okay, anyways, here it is, the highest-priced high school basketball jersey ever sold at an auction:

Yes, this is the high school jersey that sold for more than LeBron's. More than Jordan's. More than Kobe's. Amazing right?

Apparently all LeBron needs to do to complete his legacy is to become the most corrupt president in history, and then his high school jersey will go for, like, $500,000? Hey, it could happen!

One last thing: President Obama was a bench player in high school and his best highlight ever (2008) looks like this:

Reminder...that was a highlight.

That's all.

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