Someone had AI draw every president, “but they’re all cool and they all sport a mullet” 😎🤘
· Mar 1, 2023 ·

This might be the absolute best thing of all time.

I know we showed you the AI-generated Pixar presidents 👇

But this is so much better.

Have you ever wanted to know what every US president would look like if he were a cool ‘80s rock legend that's here to kick butt and chew bubble gum?


Let's start with closeups of Biden and Trump:

Now THAT is the showdown America needs in 2024!!

This was Biden and Trump rocking actual mullets around 1980:

(I think we know who wins that matchup.)

Anyway, on to the least divisive and controversial president in American history, our lord and savior Barrack Hussein Obama!

Imagine getting drone-struck by THAT guy! Wowza!

We now head down to Texas, where high-school quarterback George W. is about to show you the definition of mission accomplished.

Next up, we have a version of Bill Clinton that Jeffrey Epstein would have LOVED to have up on his wall:

Be still my heart!

The only downside with this look is that no one would have believed Bill the first time when he claimed he didn't have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky!

We'll make a super quick stop on W's dad:

...And then we'll get to the president that 90% of you over the age of 45 have been waiting for:

If you're surprised that Reagan doesn't look that different, well, he was an actual movie star.

Let's pick up the pace, shall we?

This Jimmy Carter looks like he'd never increase inflation:

Gerald Ford looks like that perfect kid in the yearbook who was good at everything:

This version of Richard Nixon after getting impeached: "So anyway, I started blasting."

LBJ still looks like your racist uncle, except he's part hippie this time around.

And no one – I repeat no one – would have the heart to shoot this John F. Kennedy.

Eisenhower is probably the weirdest of the entire bunch: This version would have freaked the heck out of the Nazis during WWII!

As for Truman, well, if this guy had been in office, he would have definitely become dictator for life.

Then there's FDR, who still looks like he's about to bloat out the federal government to try and implement middle-management socialism:

Now we get into that group of presidents between the Civil War and WWII that everyone always forgets, so I'll go rapid fire for ya:

Herbert Hoover:

Calvin Coolidge:

Warren Harding:

Woodrow Wilson still looks like a tool:

William Howard Taft:

Teddy Roosevelt could wrestle a lion with his bare hands:

William McKinley looks like Severus Snape and Neo had a baby:

Grover Cleveland:

Benjamin Harrison:

Grover Cleveland again:

Chester Arthur:

James Garfield:

Rutherford B. Hayes:

Ulysses S. Grant looks ready to win Civil War 2.0:

Andrew Johnson:

Now we come to ol' bad boy Lincoln, who most definitely could slay vampires and lay down a sick chord or two:

Holy moly, James freaking Buchanan:

Franklin Pierce is here to steal your heart in a time-traveling romance:

Millard Fillmore still looks like a Millard:

Zachary Taylor is why you don't do drugs:

James K. Polk:

John Tyler:

William Henry Harrison is here to crush his enemies and hear the lamentations of their women:

Martin Van Buren looks pretty much the same:

Andrew Jackson is a bit less angsty in this timeline:

John Quincy Adams is the definition of "business up front, party in the back."

James Monroe is here to ramp up American expansion in style:

James Madison:

Mac Daddy Thomas J is about to exercise his Double-O license to kill:

John Adams is a nerd (no change):

And then we come to it: The man who started it all.

The one, the only, General George Washington, who looks like he's about to blast some commies to kingdom come:

There you have it!

Pick your fighter and let's go!


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