Someone seriously bought an "Among Us" McNugget for ONE HUNDRED GRAND 🤯
· Jun 4, 2021 ·

This is seriously sus, fam:

Look at that McNugget. It's just your average chicken-based deliciousness, albeit with an aberration in the breading that makes it look like it has two little legs, giving it a shape that's reminiscent of the armless astronauts in the popular video game "Among Us."

That aberration apparently made it worth ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS.

"I had figured it would get somewhere around $50 but nothing like this," the seller, whose account name on eBay is polizna, told CNET of the wallet-walloping nosh, which was bought for a whopping $99,997 when bidding closed early Friday morning.

I'm calling an emergency meeting on this one, because there is no way this is a thing that happened.

The edible facsimile was originally listed for $0.99 before blowing up due to its "unmistakable correlation" with one of the roly-poly spacemen from the game. It even sported the "odd bump on the back that would represent the backpack," according to polizna, who goes by the name Tav.

I can imagine how this whole thing started. After a midnight McDonald's run, someone probably noticed that his friend's McNugget looked like a character from "Among Us."

The friend probably chuckled, then half-heartedly joked that he should sell it on eBay.

I can see him pausing as he lifted the nugget to his mouth. Maybe he actually could make a buck or two since the internet is insane.

He jokingly puts it online and then realizes he just won the freaking lottery with a CHICKEN NUGGET as bids start coming in from all around the world.

The story also involved Korean pop group BTS, because why not?

The tender's video game-evoking visage wasn't its only selling point. The delicious doppelgänger was reportedly part of a McDonald's BTS meal, which was named after the Grammy-nominated K-pop group that collaborated on the deal.

The condition of the nugget was listed as "used," but the seller promised it would be frozen and shipped in an airtight package.

The condition is listed as "used," although the seller assured prospective buyers that the nugget will be frozen and then sealed to ensure freshness before shipping, CNET reported.

For that price, I'd hire security to make sure someone doesn't pop out of a vent and steal it en route.

Seriously, who loves chicken nuggets this much???

Sadly, there is the very real possibility that this guy will have to put the thing up for auction again if the buyer just won the bid for kicks and giggles.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that nugget's new owner will actually take it home. While the seller believes that many people would pay an absurd price for a chicken nugget, he doesn't "think the final bidder will actually go through with the purchase as there are lots of people who bid on things like this for the ‘memes.' "

I do know one person, however, who likes "Among Us" and has the means to afford said bid.

Maybe this is why she can't afford to fix her grandma's roof!


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